An Everyday

It amazes me that anyone can witness a day like this, or any other within our lifetimes and think that humanity could offer the universe something other than malice. We deny self-consciousness and by doing so, our shared life as a species.

But malice, anger, violence, greed, selfishness, and the bizarre explanations we supply for those impulses when questioned, can melt like dirt in a soft rain.

Being conscious enough of the world we engender is a crawl. To simply disavow the country of our birth would be a step forward.  To disavow all countries would be a leap. To disavow the way human beings have been to coerced into being for their entire history would be a revelation. And to realize that we are all the same – a species of beings sharing our lives, learning and growing from each other, with lives forever intertwined, would be the step that takes us from malice to freedom.

And that will be the difference between the survival or extinction of our species.

Don’t let malice distract you. It really is that simple.


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