Radio Berlin

I come from an era in which music wasn’t a thing that plays while you gun down that last cgi character to break through to the promised land. I come from a land where listening was an activity in and of itself.

I, like several millennia of people before me, understand music almost as a sacrament. I don’t think of music as something I consume, I think of it as something that consumes and expresses me. When I listen to music, it is an event. When I play & write music it is the most honest I am as a human being.

I’m also a complete realist, and understand the world, as always constituted, cynically disavows the notion of honest expression.

And hence the ‘goals’…

I play music… That’s what I do.

I play music. Because I want to be honest.


My best friends don’t trust me

They think I poison  familial interactions because more often than not I want to try to figure out a musical idea…

Not only do I not understand the reaction, I kind of find it offensive…

Should I apologize for having ears?