Radio Berlin

I come from an era in which music wasn’t a thing that plays while you gun down that last cgi character to break through to the promised land. I come from a land where listening was an activity in and of itself.

I, like several millennia of people before me, understand music almost as a sacrament. I don’t think of music as something I consume, I think of it as something that consumes and expresses me. When I listen to music, it is an event. When I play & write music it is the most honest I am as a human being.

I’m also a complete realist, and understand the world, as always constituted, cynically disavows the notion of honest expression.

And hence the ‘goals’…

I play music… That’s what I do.

I play music. Because I want to be honest.


Rumblings at a lunar eclipse

A whisker to the face,
Insistent, sanguine.

Smiles have the hint of blood,
Ruddiness, humor.

Blood is the mystified
Miracle of birth,

And the everyday fact
Of execution.


We’re so afeared
We flay our flesh
To bring skin back.

3000 years of paranoia
about menstruation
is enough.

is only what we are,